Monday, July 6, 2009

KCSE 2015

START: 2.00 P.M TO 5.00 PM


Take the first 15min to read through the instructions and the question booklet.
Do not write on this question paper
Answer within the time limit, 3 hrs
Any form of cheating will lead to disqualification
Incase of anything raise your hand and ask the invigilator
Note that not all questions may contain multiple choice answers. Questions with multiple answers are those the examiner found challenging.
Discussion is allowed after the paper

1. Which year was the post election violence?
a) 2002 b)2008 c) 1942 d) 2007

2. Who financed the post election violence?

3. Who was the chief mediator?
a) Graca Marcel b) Chinua Achebe c) Kofi Anan d) Thambo Mbeki

4.i) In the USA there was a president who had a dream
a) What was his name?
b) What was his dream?
c) Which year was the dream?
d) Did the dream come true?
e) if so in which year?

5. Expound on the historic handshake and circumstances leading to it.

6. Who was the chief mediator and what was he mediating?

7. What is the name of the smart man who embarrassed the Presidential security detail? Which year was it and what did the man want to tell the President?

8. Who is an IDP? ( 2 Marks)

9. Write an essay about Barrack Obama. Include details like when and where he was born, his parents names, where he grew up, his wife and children’s names and when they were each born, how many wives his father had and which year he married each of them, his fathers favorite food. Also write about his academic, economic, social, spiritual and emotional background

10. Kofi Anan is one of the greatest black men alive. He has achieved so much in his life time; please give his academic background, year and place of birth, family status and intellectual achievements. State the years respectively and discuss his career path and rise to stardom

11. Write about the Krigler Report, its findings and recommendations. (20 Marks)

12. Write vividly about the Waki Report, its findings and recommendations. (20 Marks)

13. Discuss the maize scandal. Hint. Give details of the year, who the suspects were and the true victims, how much maize they stole, where they took the maize and how many Kenyans died. (20Marks)

14. Who were Ababu Nabwamba and Dr. Bonny Khalwale? Write everything you know about them (20 Marks).

15. Write vividly about the Artur brothers and their mission in Kenya . Also give all their nicknames. (20 Marks)

16. List the Pentagon members

17. Is is true that MP’s ate flour and washed it down their throats with oil?

18. Write about the oil saga

19a).how many districts are in kenya (please approximate to the nearest 10).

b)Which one has chemolingot as its headquarters?

c)Mr mutua travels from kijabe to malaba via kaimosi. describe, the political, economic and administrative changes he encounters along the way (20 marks)

20)expound on the following terminologies(20 Marks)
a)Mavi ya Kuku
c)Mkate Nusu

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