Saturday, March 17, 2007

WATU NA VIATU(People and shoes)

WATU NA VIATU(People and shoes)
I was commuting in a matatu(van) the other day when something struck me
as odd having come upon a railway crossing. There a saw a similar
matatu on the other side visily stalled balancing at a precarious
angle. I nearly ignored it untill i saw heavily-haired heads sticking
out of the windows. This drama turned to almost a comical act when some
women who were in the vehicle and obviously starnded climbed out the
windows in their skimpy dresses onto the roof of the van then jump down
on the opposite side landing with loud cracks as they broke their shoe
heels. As we drove passed the scene , I couldn't help but notice that while
the van door was open, they had gone to all those antics just to avoid
stepping in an inch of mud. Made mw wonder what shoes were made for in
the first place.

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