Saturday, March 24, 2007


A remarkable experiment was carried out in Toronto, Canada in the 1970s by a group led by a seasoned psychical researcher, A.R.G Owen. The group invented a no--existent ghost and then attempted to communicate to him. They called him Phi8lip and made up a life story for him as an English nobleman of the 17th century who had killed himself after the execution of his mistress as a witch. They then held seances round a table, and after a time, as expectation built up, they heard raps on the table. Using the conventional 'one rap means yes and two raps mean no' method, they quetioned 'Philip' and got answers. Presently, the table began to behave in a weird way. 'Philip' somehow seemed to have become incarnate in the table and it jumped up and down, and sometimes chased after people. On television in 1974, the table walked up three steps onto the platform and answered questions by rapping. The group in effect, had successfully created a ghost!

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