Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That 'Old Flame'

This is a special post, prompted by the resurgence of an old 'flame' long thought extinguished. Bringing serious thought to mind about future prospects, my internal turmoil can best be summarized by Abraham Lincoln.

While my personal perils are ridiculously dwarfed by those of the great president(with the fate of a 4-year disastrous civil war and the freedom of 4 million black slaves on his shoulders), he had this to say to Molly(his estranged wife) who had threatened to break down(again) and even daring Lincoln to send her to the 'madhouse' should he allow their oldest son, Robert, join the Union army.

"I must make my decisions, Bob(Robert) must make his, you yours and bear what we must hold and carry what we must. But what I carry within me, you must allow me to do it, alone as I must. And you alone Mary(Molly), you alone, may lighten this burden or render it intolerable."

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