Monday, April 11, 2011

'i Don't Know (but I Been Told)'

- music makes you lose control
- the streets in heaven are lined with gold
- you'll never die and you'll never grow old
- in the heat of the sun a man died of cold
- there's something waiting for us, down that dirty road
- you never slow down, you never grow old
- next to you my life's been cold
- I'm about twenty-four earth years old
- about a man named Leopold
- he's baking cakes inside our souls
- it's hard to run with the weight of gold
- if you keep on dancing you won't grow old
- Northern girls are mighty cold
- you resurrect the rock n' roll (by taking back the radio)
- it's so, you know, it's good as gold
- that good things come with time - let's go!
- there's a place where dreams are bought and sold
- big legged woman ain't got no soul
- boss' pockets are lined with gold
- if the horse won't pull you gotta carry the load
- every sinner's gonna pay a toll
- that city livin' is awfully cold
- the streets of hell are paved with gold
- you live this way you won't grow old

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